Monthly Archives: June 2010

Neil Young Extends Tour to Support the Gulf


Young’s Twisted Road tour has been canvassing most of the United States and Canada over the last few months (to rave reviews) but will now reach down into Florida and other areas of the Gulf Coast.

Famous Jerry Garcia Quotes


Jerry Garcia had a style that was unique to the man. Here are a few quotes that speak to the depth of this sorely missed musician.

How I Got In The Band – Billy Powell of Lynyrd Skynyrd


Rock and roll is full of strange tales of how band members come and go. Here’s a great one about how a legend in rock got his big first break.

Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival


It’s all but impossible not to drool over Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival going down this weekend in Chicago. Raise a glass to Clapton for putting together this unparalleled gathering of the world’s greatest guitarists!

Dennis DeYoung Live at the San Diego County Fair


DeYoung has always been one for theatrics, a little over the top at times, but that’s what makes him so endearing. So, when he came out from behind his keyboard, gyrating across the stage, he seemed right at home in front of the small crowd.

Gregg Allman Undergoes Successful Liver Transplant


Gregg Allman Undergoes Successful Liver Transplant



Steve Miller’s New Tour and New Album Bingo is all about the guitar.

The Doors Top 5 Famous First Lines

the doors

Every song has a classic moment. The intro, the solo, the lyrics, the beat. The chorus, the bass line, the unforgettable melody. Jim Morrison is one of rock’s greatest poets, yet not every Doors song has famous first lines, though. Here are a few that do…

John Mellencamp’s New Career-Spanning 4 CD Box Set


Mellencamp, over the years, has developed the ability to talk to the common man through his songs. His honesty and passion for a more simple way of living have been blasting through radios for over 30 years. On The Rural Route 7609 serves as a true inside look to what has driven Mellencamp and what keeps him pushing his boundaries as he moves forward with his artistry.

Roy Rogers – Gator By The Bay Festival

Roy Rogers

In honor of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, one of the greatest gatherings of musical talent each year, San Diego throws down its own festival every spring. Dubbed “Gator By The Bay,” this year’s festival featured one of blues’ most talented slide guitar players, Roy Rogers.

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