Monthly Archives: October 2010

Tom Petty Turns 60

Top Petty 60

For 34 years Tom Petty has been on the rock and roll scene. And from the beginning, he has established himself as one of rock’s finest song writers and band leaders. A tip of the top hat to Petty as he turns 60.

Buddy Guy and B.B. King Together For The First Time

BB King

Two of the blues’ greatest living players B.B. King and Buddy Guy unite to celebrate their lives and friendship on Buddy Guy’s new album Living Proof. Hard to believe this is the first time B.B. King has ever played on a Buddy Guy record, especially since the two have been laying the foundation for the blues over the last 50 years.

Top 5 Drummers Who Have Been with Their Band the Longest


No, not John Bonham. And no, not Kieth Moon. Not even Neil Peart. What?? They might be some of the best ever to rattle the skins but they are not on the list of Top 5 Drummers Who Have Been with Their Band the Longest.

You Tube of the Week – Robert Plant


You tube is a great treasure trove of rock and roll nuggets. I love trolling through the sight searching for something to rock. Here’s this week’s find: Robert Plant and Strange Sensation.

Carlos Santana Plays Guitar Hero


In 1968, record mogul Clive Davis signed a young Carlos Santana to his label. Clive’s fascination with the unique sound Santana was bringing to the scene started a relationship and a career partnership that has lasted over 40 years. After years of numerous album sales and countless prestigious music awards, Davis approached Santana with a plan for the next phase of his career.

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