As the year comes to a close, it’s an official SD Rock ‘n’ Roll tradition to put out a couple of questions to some of our favorites in the San Diego music scene to help us reflect on the awesomeness of 2012 and launch us into the possibilities of 2013. The first question asked was, “What was your favorite Rock ‘n’ Roll moment of 2012?” And the second question was the ever-popular, “What is your 2013 New Year’s Resolution?” Never ones to disappoint, here’s what our charismatic, warm, and witty friends had to say.

Jack Tempchin – Eagles Songwriter

1. The best live show I saw this year was the benefit for my friend Candy Kane at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, CA.  The man who put the show together said that everyone he called immediately said yes because it was for Candy. Tommy Castro and Anson Funderburg were great!  Janiva Magness was wonderful.  Dave Alvin’s band featuring his brother Phil were so good that I have never seen anything better… I guess he has played the road for so many years he can’t be anything but great. It was a great night and because it was for Candy it had a strong magic, making it the best Rock ‘n’ Roll show I saw in 2012

2. I want to keep finding new things about life to love, and get closer to the things in life I already love…

Mike Stone of The Grass Heat

1. My favorite rock moment this year was definitely playing with the Grass Heat at Moonlight beach in July. Moonlight beach was the first place that I ever saw the ocean (I grew up in Wyoming), and playing there on a perfect summer day was just amazing. Great crowd, great setting, great fun!

2. As for New Years’ resolutions, I don’t typically make them. I would like to think that I’m always working to improve my lot in life. I am starting to write and interview for a couple of websites: Scientific Musician Magazine and, and that’s something new for me. So 2013 looks to be an exciting year!

Chris Bowling of Dead Feather Moon

1. My favorite Rock ‘n’ Roll moment would be partying at Humphrey’s for the the SDMA’s and getting thrown out. I think I’m banned for life there now. So Humphrey’s, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry and please forgive me. We won an SDMA for crying out loud!

2. My New Years resolution for 2013 is to remember to not put my credit card down for a room at Humphrey’s at the SDMA’s. I should have known better.

Al Howard of The Heavy Guilt, The Black Sands, Midnight Pine

1. My Rock ‘n’ Roll moment of 2012 was the way Father John Misty baited me into becoming a huge fan by appearing to be a viral douche bag.

It all started with this you tube video showing up on NPR one morning. I was intrigued enough to click it and the performance cracked my ass up. The bass player’s spastic dance moves, the sunglasses indoors (though I’m frequently guilty of that myself), Josh Tillman’s over dramatized hand gestures and Jaggeresque hipster swagger. I thought it was fucking hilarious. I started sending it to all my friends, (check out this bunch o’ d-bags, etc). Eventually, I found myself humming this infectious melody and I had no idea where it came from. It took me about a week to figure out it was the song I thought I hated. Turns out that faux douche bag put out one of the year’s best records and I listened to it non stop all summer long. Then I watched this interview and realized J Tillman is my hero.

2. My New Year’s resolution is to finish this I started writing a while ago. I have two polls of my writing and they never overlap. My lyrics are grey sky ominous, but I’ve always wanted to drop some comedy on the world’s ass. So 2013 is gonna have that incorporated into it.

Lando Martinez of Hocus

1. My favorite rock and roll moment was that Hocus was nominated as BEST ROCK BAND at this year’s San Diego Music Awards. Although we didn’t win, it was a real pleasure to represent all hard working rock bands in San Diego.

2. Personal resolution is to lose the FAT in Fat Lando and get fit. Music wise, I would want to write and record a heavy but melodic album and then hopefully do a national tour.

Paul Cannon of The Paul Cannon Band

1. My favorite rock and roll moment of 2012 was playing a show with the Lovebirds and Raining Jane, where Jason Mraz cruised out for a guest appearance. The best part about that show was my cello player (Christine Cyr) was 9 months pregnant and Toca Rivera predicted the baby would come at 1am that night!! Well the baby came at like 2am!! and she caught the baby in her hands in the shower. Here’s news footage of the event:

2. My resolution for 2013 is love more, be more focused and more conscious of my surroundings! I guess to enjoy life to the fullest.

Madison Keith of KPRI 102.1

1. Wow… 2012… Favorite Rock and Roll moment… How about two (if you will indulge me… )

First off, I’ve always been a huge fan of the band Venice. Kipp, Michael, Mark and Patrick Lennon are the best harmony vocalists I’ve ever heard. They are also very sweet guys. They do so much that goes way beyond music and are representatives of all the positives we hope to find as artists and as human beings.

Roger Waters invited them to sing as his background ensemble in the rock and roll tour of the year – The Wall. Kipp, Michael, and Mark did the San Diego show at the Valley View Casino Center. Kipp invited me to come to the show (actually I invited myself and Kipp was able to work out the details.) Given the overwhelming demands of that show, Kipp still found the time to guide my son Sam and me on a tour of the set, the sound system, the electronic magic and sheer technical inventiveness that is The Wall. I don’t know what moved me more, Kipp and Michael and Mark’s humble sweetness or their tour de force vocals that Roger Waters rode as the star of that show.

1.5. My other favorite Rock and Roll moment was Bushwalla at Feeding the Soul Foundation’s Benefit for Canine Companions for Independence. He’s the only guy I’ve ever met who can Hula Hoop while singing without missing a note… Just amazing. Bushwalla has so much talent… He’s also a fantastically engaging entertainer. The Hula Hoop was over the top.

2. I’ve been saving money to create the MADISON Foundation now for the past few years.








Kids that are artistic don’t always learn the same way as other children. Some are shy, withdrawn, easily distracted and very easily bored when not engaged with challenges that immerse them into activity. We find money to fund High School Football and Athletic programs which are vital entertainment and physical outlets for our kids. We need to do the same with these young artists. Creation is at the very core of our country and its successes. Learning to overcome the obstacles through the creative process is equally important. It’s my opinion that we are hurting our country, our future, and our very spirit by constantly cutting art, music, and drama programs.

Kids need to know what it takes to have a thought that exists only in their minds become something tangible. That’s very important. Everything isn’t living in the cyber-space.

I’d love to see this year be the year I can get the MADISON Foundation in motion…

Meryl Klemow of The Belly Up

1. My favorite rock and roll moment was when one of my heros, Johnette Napolitano, yelled at me (using F bombs)  for not being available (had been away from my phone for 15 minutes), and then the next day I realized how lucky I was to have her yell at me. Then I gave her homemade goat cheese when she was in the venue, and all was okay.

2. My New Year’s resolution is to juice at least 2-3 times a week and tell my grandmas ” i love you”  more! Nothing relating to music at all. ;-)

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