Monthly Archives: August 2012


Sweet Relief

Something’s going on at The Lost Ark Studio. Some kind of musical vortex that has drawn in the likes of Transfer, The Silent Comedy, Nena Anderson, Low Volts, Jesse Lamonaca and The Dime Novels, Blackout Party, Stephen Ray and The Slicks, and The Heavy Guilt, to name a few. Every day they are shoulder to shoulder with the sweat, blood, tears, and hard work that someone who chooses the path of an artist puts in. They can relate to those who elect an unconventional road and the price someone has to pay to be a working musician in this town. So what else can they do? How about some Sweet Relief.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Legends Bob Dylan and The Who Head to San Diego


Refusing the “farewell tour chatter,” both shows are bringing rock royalty to town for the first time in years. Could this be the last chance to see them perform in the area?

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