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Jack Tempchin is a master songwriter, a crafter of songs that feel tranquil but run layers deep. He is a San Diego treasure who, for years, has relied on the lasting power and longevity of a well-constructed song to cement his legacy. Live At Tales From The Tavern throws a tight spotlight on Tempchin and his songs and serves as a showcase to his far-reaching talents.

It’s the 2012 San Diego Music Thing!

SAn Diego Music Thing 2012

The San Diego Music Thing comes around once a year and features some of San Diego’s finest bands doing their thing for two nights throughout town. If you are a musician, wannabe musician, industry insider or just want to hear about where the music industry is at these days, this is the place for you.

San Diego Musicians Gladly Labor on Labor Day for Greg Willis

Greg Willis

Greg Willis has been slinging bass in San Diego for years. One of the founding members of Iron Butterfly and a mainstay in Candye Kane’s band are only some of the great work on his resume. Recently, Greg suffered a stroke and his San Diego musician friends are putting together a benefit concert on Labor Day to help with the cost. Joey Harris and Billy Watson, two of the benefits performers speak about their friend.

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