Axl Rose vs. The World


Since the day he stepped onto the streets of Hollywood and began forming the early nucleus of what became the famous Guns-n-Roses, Axl Rose has been a fighter. On stage, few can top his boundless energy and high powered vocals. That is if he can get to the stage. Or, when he does get to the stage, if he can finish a performance without incident. Axl has a bad rap sheet a mile long. And, it’s never his fault, or so he claims. Let’s take a look at some of the fun times we’ve shared with Axl:

Someone is video taping the show. Axl jumps in the crowd, gets dragged back on stage, leaves the stage without finishing the show, causes a riot.

Metallica front man James Hetfield gets burned by a pyrotechnic gone wrong. Axl and band as co-headliners have to go on early, but Axl’s not feeling it. He gets pissed, walks off stage, and boom! Another riot.

Doesn’t show up for a show at all in Vancouver and it’s the manager’s fault that another riot breaks out.
Claims Slash was a cancer during the days of GnR.

Chinese Democracy, the album that took over ten years to make, is not selling like he wants it to. Axl fires rock mogul and band manager Irving Azoff, who would later sue Axl for commissions not paid to his company.

And then, last month after another challenge with getting to the stage on time in London, Axl blames the promoter and then fires his entire road crew.

There is always a winner and there is always a loser in a fight. And, there is always a price to pay. Would you pay the price and lay down your hard earned cash to see Axl live? What happens if he shows up late? Or plays a few songs, gets pissed and walks off the stage? For the price of admission to shows these days, would you pay the price for that even if Axl claims it’s not his fault?

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