Black Crowes Ready For The Nest

Black Crowes

The on-again, off-again brothers of rock are celebrating their 20 year career with another split up. The Black Crowes, with lead singer Chris Robinson and brother guitarist Rich Robinson, are calling this current tour their last for the foreseeable future. The good thing about the break in the action this time is that it is amicable and gives the brothers a hiatus to let their creative pots boil.

Exploding out of the box with their 1990 debut album Shake Your Money Maker, the Black Crowes have been making groove-centric, hard-driving rock for years. Selling over 20 million records and clocking in endless tour miles, the Crowes have been a solid, if not turbulent, rock and roll unit. Plagued by lineup changes and friction between the brothers, the Black Crowes have gone into hiatus more than a few times. But, sometimes, the sign of a good rock band is their ability to bounce back from adversity, step up, plug in, and get back to what they do best. The Crowes, blasting through another summer of tour dates, are doing just that. Energized by a recent acoustic set that allowed the band to re-explore some of their hits, they are dedicating half of their live shows to an acoustic set called “Acoustic Hor D’oeuvres” followed by an electric set dubbed “Electric Reception”.

A new live album Croweology is set for release this August and will feature 20 acoustic versions of classic Crowes material. As a way to celebrate their career and thank fans for the years of support, the double CD will be available for the price of a single album.

“With a smile so wide you can count my teeth, and with a heart so full of love that it is spilling over the rim, I offer a humble and simple thank you,” said band leader Chris Robinson in a statement to the press. “Thank you for your time, your imaginations, your heartaches and joy. Thank you for 20 years of cosmic rock ‘n’ roll. 20 years of keeping it weird. 20 years of chasing horizons … this year the music is only for you as we celebrate what has been, what is now and whatever will be.”


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