Blackout Party – Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed – Album Review


San Diego band Blackout Party’s new album Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed is a rough and tumble rock and roll record. When it swerves from its main alt country/Americana vibe, which it does occasionally, it toe dips into a sailor’s sea shanty, some bar room rag, and even a song that features a trumpet solo. It’s a dangerous tightrope to walk, and at times it comes precariously close to throwing the record off course. But the talent of the players and the rich vocals of lead singer Brian Howlerda keep the record loose and on course. At its finest, Blackout Party can rev the tempo, like on “Spanish Gold” and the title track “Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed.” Or hook you with a chorus that sticks in your head, something that they accomplished on the second track “Wanna See You Smile.”

Blackout Party was voted Best Americana at this year’s San Diego Music Awards and this record gives you a glimpse into the talent of the band; they are proficient players with a diverse array of instruments. From the aforementioned trumpet solo to some slick slide guitar (and even some flute) the band doesn’t take their lyrics too seriously, especially when singing about shooting the Easter Bunny, or being an “ice cube corpse.” The 10-song collection is mainly just a really loose, well-produced, well-played, good time. It makes me want to see them live; their diversity and narrative focused songs are suited for a few libations and a rocking night on the town.

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