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Jack Tempchin is a master songwriter, a crafter of songs that feel tranquil but run layers deep. He is a San Diego treasure who, for years, has relied on the lasting power and longevity of a well-constructed song to cement his legacy. Live At Tales From The Tavern throws a tight spotlight on Tempchin and his songs and serves as a showcase to his far-reaching talents.



Singing from the top of his lungs, “I will give you all I have,” Drew Douglas opens the Grampadrew album Cut From the Cloth with a bold declaration. And for the next 13 songs, he manages to follow through on this decree by presenting a personal journey through a landscape that is not only easy and accessible to follow, but one that entertains on many levels.

The Blue Moonies – Album Review

Blue Moonies album cover

As evident on their self-titled debut record, The Blue Moonies have a few different gears that they like to maneuver their music through. The navigation of the different styles–reggae, soul, funk, blues, and rock–gives the band a chance to show off their diversity, and also gives the album some depth, allowing the 11 song collection a chance to breathe.

Jesse LaMonaca and The Dime Novels The Lament of Tumbleweed Hawk – Album Review

Jesse Lamonaca

LaMonaca puts his powerful vocals to the test while exploring a plethora of musical avenues.

Blackout Party – Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed – Album Review

Blackout Party

San Diego band Blackout Party’s new album Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed is a rough and tumble rock and roll record. When it swerves from its main alt country/Americana vibe, which it does occasionally, it toe dips into a sailor’s sea shanty, some bar room rag, and even a song that features a trumpet solo. It’s a dangerous tightrope to walk, and at times it comes precariously close to throwing the record off course. But the talent of the players and the rich vocals of lead singer Brian Howlerda keep the record loose and on course.

Nena Anderson – Beyond The Lights – Album Review

Nena Anderson (200x200)

Nena Anderson’s new album Beyond The Lights is a handful of honky tonk lost love laments. Nena’s subtle vocal approach grabs your ear before its slow and sultry pace moves into a soft, swinging dance. She establishes her ability to tug at the heart strings early on, using an unassuming vocal style that lulls you into a comfortable listening place.

Steve Miller – Let Your Hair Down – Album Review


And as far as blues cover records go, this one has enough luster to separate itself from the standard safe approach most take when covering the blues. Miller is having fun here and it comes through without trying to over step these classics and make them something they are not.

Paul Simon – So Beautiful or So What – Album Review


Paul Simon’s got a gumbo on the stove. It’s his new album So Beautiful or So What and it’s bubbling with a spice rack of sounds. It’s a precarious mix of African rhythms, world beats, chants, orchestral sweeps, rocking guitars, and diverse vocals.

Sammy Hagar – Red: My Uncensored Life In Rock – Book Review


Sammy Hagar pulls no punches, tells no lies, and leaves very little out in his new rock and roll memoir Red: My Uncensored Life In Rock. And though there are many cliche back stage groupie tales (which are way over the top, even for rock and roll standards), the story is really just a tale about a survivor.

Gregg Allman Low Country Blues – Album Review

Gregg Allman Low Country Blues

Gregg Allman’s first solo record in 14 years is a modern day blues treasure. If you’re a fan of the Allman Brothers, a fan of the blues, or a fan of albums that carry a depth in material and performance, this album is for you!

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