With what seems like a brew pub on every corner and a craft beer selection in every grocery store, it’s obvious San Diego has developed a mighty thirst for its hometown brew.

Saturday, April 20th, sprawling out two blocks in front of the Lafayette Hotel, over 40 breweries will be pouring unlimited one ounce tasters as part of CityBeat’s 6th Annual Festival of Beers.  Adding to the ales, lagers, malts, IPAs, ciders, and more will be the rock ‘n’ roll of four great local bands: Family Wagon, The Palace Ballroom, The Paragraphs, and Okapi Sun.

All four of these bands have been touring pretty extensively in and outside of town, and three of the four put out records in 2012. Family Wagon came out with two EPs last year–Last Drag and Red Sessions–while The Paragraphs (+/-) and The Palace Ballroom (This Is The Plan) released full length records.

The high energy and rambunctious rock ‘n’ roll of Family Wagon (see our review of their Casbah show) and The Paragraphs is sure to energize the crowd, especially once a few tasters kick in. Sandwich The Palace Ballroom in between these two, with their hook-heavy, lyric-focused, heart-tugging acoustic rock, for a first rate balance to the afternoon’s sets.

Okay, so they know how to rock, that’s obvious, but do they know their beers? Rock ‘n’ roll and cold suds usually go hand in hand, so we tracked down three of the bands to see if they feel the same way. Here’s the 7 questions we put to them and their beer soaked answers–

  1. Favorite San Diego Craft Beer (and why)?
  2. Favorite place to drink that beer (and why)?
  3. What’s the best beer drinking song you guys play (and why)?
  4. Best San Diego band, other than your own, to listen to while drinking beer (and why)?
  5. Favorite beer to drink on stage (and why)?
  6. Most memorable beer drinking experience, what song or band would best describe it (and why)?
  7. What brewery name best describes your band (and why)?










The Palace Ballroom

1) I like a beer that drinks like a meal so I’m gonna have to say Lost and Found Ale by The Lost Abbey.  I figure if I’m gonna have a beer, I want it to feel like it’s giving me a hug after I drink it.   When I first tried it if I didn’t know better I would have sworn it was made by Trappist monks, not a bunch of SD cats wearing board shorts.

2) Anywhere I happen to be that has it is good with me.  I don’t actually hang out in pubs or bars all that much if I’m not performing there so if Lost Abbey is on the menu, it’s always a bonus.  I suppose drinking one while riding a golden unicorn down the coast of Encinitas would be rad too, but unicorns are pretty hard to come by.  Do you know where I can rent one

3) Seems to me that most of our music would be a good companion for beer.  Especially if you wanted to cry in it.  But if I had to pick one, I would say Competition.  You might actually want to have 6 more beers after you listen to it.  It’s a heart-wrencher.

4) Rocket From The Crypt.

I would listen to them drinking beer.

I would listen to them with a deer.

I would listen to them in a boat!

And I would listen to them with a goat…

And I will listen in the rain

And in the dark. And on a train. And I will listen here and there.

Say! I will listen ANYWHERE!

5) Usually whatever the bartender sees fit to give us.  One time they brought us Coors Light, I didn’t even touch mine.  I’d rather not waste the effort.

6) This is a dangerous area.  Most memorable??  One time in High School,  I passed out from drinking too much Natural Light and woke up in a bathtub with a policeman shining his flashlight into my eyes.  Trying to maintain my cool I insisted that I was completely fine and hadn’t been drinking.  Then I threw up on his shoes.  Safe to say that permanently ended my relationship with Natural Light.  If I had to Equate a song to it, it would probably be Temporarily Blind by Built to Spill.  I actually remember that in a poor attempt to prove I was sober,  I was singing it to the officer right before I ruined his shoes.  Or maybe I just imagined that.

7) Rock Bottom.  I was there more than once writing the songs for this record.













The Family Wagon

1)  Hess. They’ve always been good to us.

2) At their brewery, duh. We’re excited about their new one opening in North Park!

3) Hard Times. Those make you want to drink…anything.

4) The Heavy Guilt, but its always good to listen to them so…

5) PBR. It comes in a large volume container.

6) Having a beer at Starlite. It’s the bands defacto meeting place. That new Cold War Kids. Tuxedos.

7) Rogue. Figure it out for yourself.










The Paragraphs

1) Sculpin IPA, Ballast Point Brewing.  This beer is a delicious example of the IPAs that have made San Diego a beer town, and Ballast Point is one of the breweries that make it a great beer town.  
2) Churchill’s Pub, San Marcos. Great beer selection, pro staff, and the food is out of this world.

3) “Folks”.  It’s loud and fast and makes you want to pour beer on your head.

4) Trouble in the Wind if you’re drinking lonesome, Schitzophonics if you’re drinking rowdy.

5) We try to stick with lighter beers on stage to keep the energy high. Right now it’s Coors. We visited the brewery in Golden, CO on our last tour and they treated us right. The nostalgia hasn’t worn off yet…

6) Details are fuzzy, but it involves a knife, a pair of boots, and the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel. “Lonesome, On’ry, and Mean” by Waylon Jennings was the soundtrack.

7) Strange Brewing Company from Denver, CO. We love Denver and we love Bob and Doug McKenzie.

Proceeds from the event go to help support The San Diego Music Foundation.
Saturday, April 20, 2013
2223 El Cajon Blvd.
2-5:30pm (last call 5pm)

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