Two time San Diego Music Award winner Colin Clyne is set to release his new EP Doon Tae The Wid November 21st. The four songs on the live EP provide a glimpse into one of San Diego’s finest talents. Recorded  live in Woodland, CA on the 2011 West Coast US Doricana tour, Clyne is joined by James Hood on guitar and backing vocal, and Steve Haney on percussion.

The sparse EP spotlights Clyne’s vocal prowess and songwriting ability along with some nice guitar interplay between Clyne and Hood on the final two tracks “Pomegranite Grey” and “Ode to the Spider.” Clyne chose to go with no overdubs here, just allowing his acoustic folk approach, his Scottish tinged vocals, and his 3 piece band to speak for itself. A quick snapshot of this moment is what you get. Although it’s an EP and meant to be brief, it would have been nice to hear Clyne stretch it out a little bit. Two more songs would have made it more than a teaser and more like a showcase to his well-rounded talents. So, why did Colin choose to go in this direction for his next release? I had a chance to sit with him and his new born baby girl Fiona over breakfast and ask him just that.

If someone has never seen you before, would you say this is a good representation of what you are like live?

It’s a good representation of me at the time. I have an entirely different band now and I’m constantly changing and improving. However, these songs on this EP are a pretty strong resemblance of what they sound like now. I felt it was important that I documented my time playing live with James and Steve; we have a wonderful chemistry and we will probably never play together again. So, it was more for the fans that had never seen us live, just a wee taste of what they missed, drawing a line under it and then moving on.

What made you choose not to do any overdubs?

The magic and energy is already on those tracks / performances, hence it doesn’t need sugar-coating. As the EP liner notes say, it’s ‘doon tae the wid’.

Are these songs that are usually in a Colin Clyne set or are these songs something else?

Those songs are usually in my set, they are live favorites.

Why EP vs. a full length live album?

People don’t have the concentration or interest for anything overly long these days. Surely there’s only so far 2 guitars and a box stretch before you get it…or not. Right? Plus, I don’t want to show my hand too early; after all we have a DVD to release.

Biggest difference when recording a live album vs. a studio album?

Well, when we did those gigs, there was never really any intention to release a live EP. It was all recorded for the DVD we’ve been making over the last couple of years. I obviously spend a lot of time listening to all the gigs from the tours and there was some magic on these gigs at Sacramento that I felt needed to be shared.

Biggest challenge you faced making this EP?

Deciding to release it was the biggest challenge. I started with 8 songs thinking that maybe I’d have it out to be eligible for the SDMA’s but then I decided that was a very bad reason to release this. So, I dragged my arse on releasing it for months and then decided to just drop it down to 4 songs and not worry about it so much. I could easily have had 8 songs on there as I felt there was another 3 and a half songs that were worthy of being on there. However, the strangest challenge was a constant drone of bagpipes in the background on some of the gigs. Luckily the gig this was taken from was when everyone was sat down for dinner and whiskey–no bagpipes, just clinking cutlery (silverware).

Colin Clyne will showcase songs from his new EP Doon Tae The Wid and the rest of his catalog on Friday, November 30th at The Tin Can Ale House.

5 buck tickets available here.

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