Dead Feather Moon Live at The Solana Beach Fiesta Del Sol

Dead Feather Moon
What I’d like to know is why aren’t these guys playing a side stage at Coachella? Dead Feather Moon is that good! And, though hampered by multiple sound issues, they were still able to convey their message of moody, intricately crafted rock songs. Not to take anything away from what they delivered Saturday, watching them that day at the Fiesta Del Sol, I couldn’t help but think about how good this band could be in a few years. They are a well put together unit, a fine blend of two or sometimes three guitars with enough keyboard to make a difference and a solid rhythm section to carry the upbeat tempo without faltering. All of this is wrapped tightly around engaging originals, which is exactly what will propel them into enough ears to make a difference for this band. So, it’s easy to think that in the future, when they’re rocking to thousands, I could be looking back fondly on this day saying, “I remember when I saw them for free, five feet from the stage.”
As the day went on and their battle with barely audibly mics, weak monitors, crackling amps, and bursts of feedback continued, Dead Feather Moon seemed to only get stronger. Their sound was expanding, conveying moods of rock, blues, and country. Strong vocals delivered by front man Justin Berge cradled the thick wall of sound that the band was manufacturing. His voice stood out just enough over the pulsing band that continued to display the depth of their overall talent as they wove through challenging stop-start rhythms and soulful interjections of vocal harmony. Dead Feather Moon has an air about them; it’s contagious. I knew I was seeing a band on the verge of something great that day. See you guys at Coachella soon.

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