Dead Feather Moon’s Chris Bowling on new CD Dark Sun

DFM Dark Sun

Dead Feather Moon has a new project out, folks, and it’s coming your way! Touted by “The Local 94/9″ hosted by Tim Pyles, the new track “Sonic Waves” was recently selected as one of Pyle’s 55 local songs he can’t live without; Dead Feather Moon is picking up some San Diego steam! They have a spot Thursday at Belly Up’s Rock Festival at the San Diego Fair taking the stage at 5:30 p.m. followed by an album release show Friday night at 9 at the Belly Up Tavern for the new CD Dark Sun.
I got a chance to catch up with Dead Feather Moon’s Chris Bowling and asked him a few questions about the new project.

Where was the new album Dark Sun recorded?

White Horse Recorders

Who was the album produced by?

Aaron Swanton (Scarlet Symphony)

Was it a long recording process? How long did it take make the record?

We tracked the record in eight days from February 10th-18th.

Your band’s sound is a blend of rock, southern rock, folk, blues,  and country to name a few different styles. What is the predominant sound on this album?

This record is our most ambitious effort to date and runs the gauntlet from alt-country to rock to psychedelic blues.

You are playing The Belly Up Friday night in celebration of the new album.
How much of the new album will you be playing–all of it, half, some?

Will be performing the album in it’s entirety. Along with some old crowd favorites and new songs we have written since recording the album.

How does Dead Feather Moon’s songwriting process work? Did the songs on the record develop out of jams or is there a main songwriter in the group?

We write all of our songs collectively. Typically, a member of the band will bring an idea in, and we will compose a song around it. We rehearse four nights a week and feed off of each other quite naturally. Songwriting for us is a very organic, honest endeavor.

If you could have one well known rock star be a guest on the album who would
it be and what would he or she do, and what songs would you want them to
play on?

Well this is a tough question… As previously mentioned, this record is very ambitious, and we draw from a wide array of influences. We’d have to go with Joshua Homme due to his studio prowess and the fact that he is alive. Our songs 1907 and Hellhounds could benefit from some of his rowdy, well-thought out guitar work.

Dead Feather Moon will be pre-partying Friday at the Pizza Port in Solana Beach from 6-8:30 p.m. Buy a pint, present the receipt, and get a discount on the new record. Cross the street a few hours later and catch them live for the album release show at the Belly Up Tavern. You can buy your tickets here.

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