For the next four Mondays in January, Family Wagon will post up at The Casbah, using it as base camp for a month’s residency. The momentum they have built up over the last year, using an all out, balls-to-the-walls live show as their calling card, has more than qualified them for this showcase.

After speaking with them about the coming Mondays, it sounds like they are more than ready to go. Here’s what else they had to say about their January Casbah residency.

How did this residency come together?

Tim Mays basically just told us we could do it if we wanted to. And who would turn down a chance for a residency at the Casbah?

What are you looking forward to the most playing every Monday night for the month of January?

Getting to play with our friends week in and week out. We weren’t able to get everyone we wanted onto the bill, but we definitely have some good bands joining us.

Plan on trying out any new songs?

We’ll definitely have some new songs, a few different takes on some of the old ones.

Will you be playing the same set every Monday night?

We’ll be playing a similar set every night, but the addition of some amazing special guests joining us on stage is going to assure that we have a different sound every night.

Do you always play the same set or do you change it up show by show?

For a while we were playing the same set every show, concentrating on making it as flawless as possible. Though recently we’ve been changing it up and with the new songs it will be quite different.

What is it about The Casbah you enjoy most?

A better question is what don’t we like about the Casbah. Answer….nothing.

Favorite moment at The Casbah?

There’s a lot more than one. From our first show there with Dirty Sweet to our last show with Transfer, every one has been unique and memorable in its own way.


Catch Family Wagon and friends Monday Nights at The Casbah:











Jan 7th

Family Wagon


Boy King


Jan 14

Family Wagon

Strange Vine


Lee Koch


Jan 21

Family Wagon

Rusty Maples



Jan 28

Family Wagon

Tiny Telephones

Great White Buffalo

Calico Kids

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