Feeding The Soul, the non-profit organization that does concerts for causes, is about to drop a whole lot of love under their beneficiary’s tree this December at their Holiday Spectacular December 1st at the Star Theater in Oceanside.

Canine Companions for Independence® which provides highly-trained assistance dogs for children and adults with disabilities, free of charge, has been chosen as the night’s beneficiary. Stepping up to perform, honor, and support the cause will be Steve Poltz, Bushwalla, Voices of Prayze, and The Lovebirds, with Madison of 102.1 KPRI as host.

Melissa Grove from Feeding The Soul took time out of her busy schedule to speak to me not only about how this event came together, but why Feeding The Soul is so committed to giving back.












Why did you choose Canine Companions for Independence as your year-end beneficiary?
Plain and simple… we LOVE what CCI does! We wanted to celebrate a foundation that makes a difference locally for children and adults with disabilities. And we were excited to see that CCI does just that as well as provides assistance dogs to US war veterans. After our initial research and speaking with them, it was a perfect fit for our year-end celebration.













How did you get Steve Poltz to play?
Steve Poltz has been on our wish list for a long time. The timing was right for us and for Steve so we reached out through our community of supports and he said yes! We were thrilled he would be on stage with Bushwalla because together, they make a fun show!

What do you enjoy most about Steve Poltz?
I think Steve is an overall great entertainer. He is a phenomenal storyteller with or without song. The San Diego community loves him and it is clear to see why once you have seen him perform. I am really excited to introduce Feeding the Soul supporters to Steve and vice versa.

Bushwalla has played at a few of Feeding The Soul’s events. What is it about him that you enjoy the most?

Bushwalla has been a supporter since day one of FTSF and for that we are so very grateful. His ability to jump from free style to juggling to hula hooping to acoustic rhyming keeps everyone entertained and always wanting more. He’s always very generous and helpful when it comes to our events. We’re honored to have him perform at our events. “Everything’s better with Bushwalla added” is something we say in the FTSF community. True story.

What has been your favorite Feeding The Soul memory of this last year?
My favorite memory was watching our new 9 year old friend, Noah, enter our Concert for a Wish event in September that was in honor of him. Noah’s days are filled with medical challenges and doctor visits and we provided him a night of nothing but entertainment and attention. He wanted to perform for us and he did. Hearing 200 people chant “Noah, Noah!” made the whole experience magical for me. One of my all time favorite FTSF memories for sure.













Not only do you get some of San Diego’s finest musicians, but by coming out to the event, you can help support this great cause!

Feeding The Soul Holiday Spectacular
Saturday Dec 1 at 7:30 pm
Star Theatre Oceanside

Purchase tickets here.

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