Heavy Guilt Live at The Solana Beach Fiesta Del Sol

Heavy Guilt
The Heavy Guilt trio revealed their hand early on in a fired up first song, leaving no doubt as to what they were about to deliver. The six member band brought its acoustic blues/rock vibe to the edge of a full out jam while still offering enough rhythm and melody to keep it catchy. After creating a powerful two song swell of driving rock and roll, they dropped into the third song with a nice slow leap, cutting the pace without losing their building momentum. The Heavy Guilt has a way of taking a song to the brink of collapse, then snatching it right back up, carrying on with their finely crafted original material. The steady rock and roll drumming of Jenny Merullo and fluid entertaining bass of Jason Littlefield kept the back beat thick, leaving room for percussionist Alfred Howard to mix in a wild array of boxes, chains, tambourine or anything he could pound his hands on to fill out the vibe that swept from member to member. Howard, positioned up at the front of the stage, added to the ferocity of the sound with endless, unbridled energy that kept the crowd more than engaged. Easily the surprise of the day, The Heavy Guilt trio created a strong buzz throughout the Fiesta Del Sol, one that will only help them gather followers for their next swing through town.

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  1. Solana Beach Taxi
    September 9, 2011 | 9:35 pm

    Fiest Del Sol is awesome!

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