Humphrey’s Top 5 Don’t Miss Shows of 2012

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Humphrey’s by the Bay’s 2012 Concert Series offers a wide array of great shows by a variety of musical acts all summer long. Here’s SD Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Top 5 don’t miss shows of 2012.

5. Devo – Saturday, May 12th
This is kind of a strange booking, and I love it. Humphrey’s usually books more main stream artists, so this wild card Devo show in May has to be on our list. Since 1972, Devo has been dodging classification. Their live show is always an adventure, and this is easily the most diverse act to step on the Humphrey’s stage in 2012. Devo has played San Diego a few times in the last few years and their Devolution is a welcome sight on Humphrey’s dance card.

4. Bonnie Raitt – Tuesday, September 26
Because she hasn’t toured much and because she is pure legend. Because she plays an amazing underrated slide guitar and because she is sooo damn classy. Because she is back recording new material again after a 7 year hiatus, and because she is so committed to the blues and sending out a positive vibe. There are a few true music legends to grace the stage this year, though none more pure than Bonnie.

3. Lyle Lovett and His Large Band – Monday, July 2
Lyle always has a tale to tell. Whether it’s with his song or his on-stage dry wit banter, Lovett is a master story teller. The teaming on this tour, with his Large Band, gives him a chance to expand his material and create a less intimate setting for his deep catalog of songs. He will hit you with some swing, some blues, some gospel and some country/ rock; with Lyle you get it all. And when he stands alone with guitar in hand and delivers one of his twisted Texas ballads underneath the July sky, you have got yourself the perfect Humphrey’s moment.

2. Elvis Costello – Monday, April 16
When was the last time you went to a concert where audience members were picked to come up on stage and spin a giant wheel that had a collection of 40 different songs on it, which then determined the set list played throughout the night? Umm… I’ve seen a few shows in my day but never anything like this. It’s “The Return of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook” tour! Costello hasn’t been around San Diego in a long time and this year, he brings one of the most unique shows to play Humphrey’s in a long time.

1. Crosby, Stills, Nash – Saturday, September 29
The three part harmonies of these rock and roll legends, floating into the night sky, by the marina, on a cool September evening. That’s what these Shelter Island outdoor concerts are all about. CSN played Humphrey’s last year and are a welcome sight again on this year’s lineup. Crosby and Nash just turned 70 and Stills is 67. These three troubadours have been doing it a long time and it’s always great to have rock and roll royalty right here in San Diego.

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