Jackie Greene at The San Diego County Fair – Concert Review

Jackie Greene

Jackie Greene’s stage set up was underneath the giant slide, the upside down flying swing, and a kaleidoscope of whirling colors Thursday night at the San Diego County Fair. Just like the blend of blinking lights, exotic smells, and the shrieks from the rides, Greene’s sound comes across as a well-woven tapestry of different musical styles.

Greene opened the night with a few jangly guitar grooves, his band finding their footing early and locking in to their beat. Greene’s vocal was smooth and soul drenched, honed and well-crafted. His delivery may be laid back, but his songs pack just enough sing-along harmonies to hook you. His rock solid three piece band–guitar, drum, and bass–slowly started tweaking the pace within the first few songs until it reached the high point of the night half way through the show on an extended 10 minute jam. Greene and his guitarist worked in and out of each other’s solos with finesse and fire, and the intense back and forths between the guitarists raised the crowd’s enthusiasm.

Greene then took a breather on the side of the stage for a moment before strapping on an acoustic guitar, pulling on the harmonica, and kicking into an almost bluegrass jam. Next up was his run of a few songs on the keyboards where Greene whipped up some fine organ tunes and sang the hell out of the blues. And though he was moving through different types of sounds and feels, shifting musical gears throughout, the band kept the pace without batting an eye. Getting a chance to watch Jackie Greene up close, you really get a chance to soak up his rich talents. He comes across organically and leaves you wanting more of his deep musical thrill ride of sound.

You can catch Jackie Greene and his band September 11th as he opens for Bruce Hornsby at The Belly Up Tavern. Grab your tickets at the Belly Up!

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