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There haven’t been too many songs that have name-checked San Diego over the years. Tom Waits gave us San Diego Serenade; Springsteen throws in a mention about a french restaurant in “Rosalita;” Bing Crosby crooned about when the surf meets the turf in Del Mar; and more recently, Paul Cannon offers the San Diego (Padres semi-theme?) song “Homegrown.” None of these, though, possess the hometown adulation and dare I say, love, that Darius Degher pours into his single “Leucadia Love Song.”

Degher’s slow acoustic stroll lays down a serenade to the beach town that prides itself on keeping it funky. It’s a travel log of places been that eventually culminates in the comfort of the “there’s no place like home” feeling. His laid back approach, a talking blues vocal that serves as tour guide to the ears, floats through the ode like a peaceful early morning surf.

The accompanying video for “Leucadia Love Song” is a collection of stills that epitomizes the local feel and gives a respectful nod to the landmarks of the Encinitas community.



Degher, the Leucadian resident, has been making music for years, amassing a collection of 5 CDs and some impressive accolades over the years. He even scored a most impressive credit for playing on Warren Zevon’s Sentimental Hygiene CD! His most recent release The Coyote Cantos has just been nominated for a San Diego Music Award  in the category of Best Local Recording.


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  2. Judy Salinsky
    August 22, 2013 | 4:05 am

    Thank you very much for posting Darius’s “Love Song”, it means more to me, than you can ever imagine!

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