Low Volts – San Diego Music Award Best New Artist Nominee

San Diego Music Awards 2011

San Diego Music Awards Best New Artist nominee Low Volts has a unique sound. It’s one man, a kick drum, and some nasty slide guitar licks. And it works! It’s tasty good low down blues. This ain’t a gimmick, this guy’s for real! And if recognized at the San Diego Music Awards August 8th at Humphrey’s By The Bay, Low Volts will be more than deserving to wear the Best New Artist crown. I got a chance to throw a few questions at the nominee and his answers came back in true rock star fashion.

How do you feel about being nominated?

It feels really great to be recognized in your community for being good at doing what you love. I’ve sacrificed a lot to hone my craft and have dedicated countless hours towards creating something unique and engaging for the audience. The fact that I’m a one-man-band makes it even more rewarding to know people dig and support what has been the most natural, successful project I’ve ever been a part of.

You have been nominated for the Best New Artist. How long have you been playing in San Diego?

I’ve been playing live in San Diego for 10 years or so. Brian Holwerda and I started the band Blackout Party around 5 years ago as sort of an ‘Anti-Band’ because we were both sick of dealing with the headaches involved with keeping five guys on the same page. Funny thing is, after about 3 months of playing together, we were offered a residency at House of Blues and formed the coolest ‘band’ I’d ever heard- let alone been apart of! About a year ago, we took a hiatus and I couldn’t stop writing music. I had an old 40′s kickdrum in my room so I’d kind of stomp a beat and play dirty slide guitar riffs to keep my mind idle. Eventually, with no end in sight to Blackout Party’s hiatus….Low Volts was born. (Blackout Party is back and better than ever with a new, 15 track record about to be released!)

Do you play live mostly in San Diego or do you tour the country?

I’m working on booking some heavy-duty National and European tours with a bigger band at the moment. The best thing about being a one-man-band is I sound like 4 guys but only take up one space in the tour bus! I play a ton in SD and love the scene but you can only do so much in one town. I played some shows and shot a music video in Nashville recently in May and am returning in October for an Americana Music Association showcase. That’s gonna be a blast!

Do you have a favorite place to play in San Diego?

Hands down my favorite place to play in San Diego is The Casbah. Someone needs to make a giant statue of Tim Mays that airplanes can see when they come in for landings haha! It’s funny, I actually hold the record for ‘most shows played in one month’ at the Casbah! Six shows haha!!

What’s the latest on any recordings? Are you working on putting out any new material?

Well, I just released the debut record ‘Twist Shake Grind Break’ in May of this year so I’m gonna let that do its thing for a bit. It’s only available on CD and digital formats at the moment but when I generate enough funds I’m going to release transparent red vinyl with drops of my own blood in a limited amount of 12″ records. And by ‘limited’ I mean however much blood I can have withdrawn without passing out! I’ve got skeletons for over an albums worth of new songs that just need a few lyrics / bridges etc. but sometimes life interferes and you gotta let go and allow things to unravel naturally.

Here’s Low Volts’ new video for the song “Huntin, Feedin, Drinkin” off the new album Twist Shake
Grind Break.

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