I met Paul Cannon a few years ago when I interviewed him for the Hay House radio show SoundWave. I didn’t know him well, but I was instantly drawn to his uplifting story about the path he has taken to become a musician. Compelling would be an understatement; inspiring would also sell him short. I could go on and on but…let’s let him tell it:

We spend our whole lives trying to be something we’re not and reach whatever we deem to be a better place. In the end, we realize that’s not what life is about. Life is about love: it’s about feeling love yourself and sharing love with others.

I had my first hit of crystal meth when I was 14. At 16, I overdosed and became homeless, hitting rock bottom as a teenager. For whatever reason, the choices I made in my youth did not rob me of a second chance or take my life, as similar experiences did with so many of my close friends and family. Instead, I glimpsed the dark side of humanity and knew deep in my soul it was not where I belonged. I now know that I belong to the light, to the good energy of the ocean and the brighter side of emotion. Writing music and performing has opened so many doors in my mind and in my life. In addition to keeping me accountable for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, creating music also brings me intense joy.

Growing up on the San Pasqual Indian Reservation, I always knew who my immediate tribe was. Once I immersed myself in the music world, my trusted inner circle began growing to include my band mates and supporters. When KPRI started spinning my record and later adapted one of my singles for use in a TV commercial, my tribe expanded even further to include the vast reaches of my city. This invigorating feeling of connectivity strengthened when the San Diego Padres chose to use my single “Homegrown” in their stadium; from speakers that reach nearly two million fans each season, I found myself able to interact with others on a humbling level that inspired me to continue dedicating myself to music, for I know my work is just beginning. Spreading this essential message of peace, I hope to go beyond my hometown and invite you to be a part of this good vibes movement. If you believe in love, if you believe that we are all here for a reason, and if music heals your soul, please join “My Tribe” by donating to this campaign.

Peace & Respect,

-Paul Cannon

Learn more and join the tribe here.

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