San Diego Music Awards 2013
October 9th at Humphreys By The Bay, the San Diego music scene will come together and celebrate the San Diego Music Awards. We rounded up a bunch of the nominees and pitched them a few questions about what this means to them.

Here are the questions–

1. How does it feel/what does it mean to be nominated?

2. Where would you put the trophy if you won?

3. What song, other than something by your band, would you want to be playing if you won?

4. If you could have a victory party, all expenses paid anywhere in San Diego, where would you have it?

5. If you had to pick one person from the San Diego music scene to hand you the trophy after winning the award, who would it be and why?

And here are the answers–

1. It feels like free sushi served by a beautiful woman wearing a Sonic Youth t-shirt with the lottery numbers from LOST tattooed on her left hand.
2. In my bathroom, not as an insult to the award, I just spend a lot of time there.
3. I’d want to play a Jason Molina song called Spectral Alphabet. He’s the best songwriter that not enough people have heard of and he passed away this year, way too young. Spotify will attest to me listening to that song 30 times a day for a month. He was a great one.
4. If I’m being honest, I would have it at my house, that’s where my records and tv are and though I’ve spent long hours trying to convince this town that I’m awesome, I’m a quiet antisocial nerd and I like to have parties with my roommates, a 1983 Gund Teddy Bear named Bunky and a can of chicken of the sea, but if it’s all expenses paid, lets have Tom Waits do an acoustic set and Zensei Sushi cater it and there’d be some peanut butter cookies.
5. I’d like to have Chris Timek present it so I could look Chris Timek in the eye and say “Hey dickhead, I got an award for something and you’re still just an asshole who never did shit.” That dude used to give me wedgies in 7th grade and he once hung me on a coat rack by the tag on the back of my shirt which oddly supported my weight. Fuck you Chris Timek!


Brian Holwerda – Blackout Party

1. It feels good. I always try to remember that music isn’t a contest, and back when I was 12 I didn’t pick up my guitar to try to win anything. However, I think everyone who’s ever been nominated would agree that it is nice to be recognized, especially considering that most musicians work way harder than we get credit for, and get way under-paid for our time. Most of us are grinding out multiple jobs and gigging our asses off to pay bills, and getting lowballed by promoters who want us to play for “exposure” and free well drinks. I can’t pay my SDGE bill with exposure, buddy! Seriously though, the biggest thing it can mean to a lot of musicians is legitimizing the “music life” to family. It meant a lot to me to be able to put our first SDMA on my parents’ mantle up in Northern California. Even though it’s not a contest, at the end of the day, somehow that little statue means more to my Mom and Dad than it ever could to me. So for that, I am very grateful to have been nominated.
2. Hmmmm, maybe I’d mount it to the hood of my car for a bit, then make a necklace out of it? The first one we got is on display on my folks mantle in the Bay Area, and the 2nd one we got is on my bookcase, so if we ever got another one we’d probably keep it on display in our band room or something.
3. “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor.
4. All expenses paid sounds fun. Probably would have to say the gun range, with catered sushi, and all-you-can-drink Tecates.
5. There are a few good options here. First, Matt Molarius from Transfer, because I’m pretty sure they are going to win, and if that doesn’t happen we need to demand a recount! Those guys are good buddies and an amazing band, and so are all the bands in our category, for that matter. We’re just honored to be lumped in with all those guys. Besides them, I’d have to hand it to both the “Tims”, Mays and Pyles. Those two do more for local music than anybody. Pyles gives so many bands their first shot, and is such a champion of what’s new and cool, he really deserves more recognition. And Tim Mays is like Obie Wan Kanobe of the SD Scene. He really does treat bands well, and the Casbah ought to be designated as a historical landmark by the city!! Proud to know both those guys, and our music scene would suffer without either of them!


Scottie Blinn – Black Market III

1. I’m not one that gets into the whole contest, battle of bands, or anything where you have to ask your friends and fans to ‘vote’ for you. BUT, it does feel good when you are recognized for working hard, putting forth your best effort and quality of work, and your peers and critics dig what you are doing.
2. In the office with the other three
3. Too tough to call! ‘After Dark’ by Tito & Tarantula, ‘London Calling’ by the Clash, ‘Beat on the Brat’ by the Ramones, or ‘Mexican Blackbird’ by ZZ Top.
4. The Ace Cafe, Belgium, with some of my best friends in the world.
5. Tomcat Courtney. He’s one of the first and most responsible for everything I do. Eric Lieberman of Blue Largo is a tie for the same reason. Actually, I’d prefer to give THEM the award.


The NFormals

1. It feels surreal! We would have never thought these songs we were messing around with in the garage would get any recognition like this!
2. I’d put it on the hood of my car as an ornament! (Joshua)
3. Oh man, can we get the darth vader theme?
4. The crown room in the hotel del!
5. Bart Mendoza for sure. After all that he has done in his life, for him to hand us a trophy would be once again, surreal.


Ed Ghost Tucker

1. We were definitely taken by surprise when we found out we were nominated this year. We had been under the impression that we would need an official release under our belt to be recognized, but I guess we were wrong! Simply put, we’re completely honored to be considered among so many great bands, and it has really been motivating us to keep our heads down and keep on pushing.
2. If it’s shaped like a cup, then we would keep it within reach so that we could drink from it on special occasions. Otherwise, we’d probably place it on a mantel in the jam room.
3. If we had to pick a walk-up song, we’d pick Subtle Tragedy by Numskul.
4.  We’d rent out a house and have a good house show with a few of our favorite local bands.
5.  It would be a tough decision, because there are a lot of people that have helped us out along the way, but if we had to choose, we’d probably pick Cathryn Beeks. She has been incredibly generous and supportive of our music.


Lexington Field

1. The nomination feels like a win. American Fiddle Rock is taking over San Diego!
2. On a shelf in Jeff Berkley‘s studio, where it belongs.
3. Katy Perry’s “Fireworks”
4. Pizza Port because there is nothing better than pizza and beer.
5. Steve Poltz so we can say thanks for getting us this award.


San Diego Music Awards

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