San Diego Music Awards 2011


The San Diego music scene gathered Monday night at Humphrey’s by the Bay to raise a glass to the local artists. For the 21st time, the annual San Diego Music Awards recognized the multiple array of talent that plays throughout San Diego.

Looking around at the crowd that showed up, I couldn’t help but appreciate the amount of great music that is playing this town. As award shows go, this was your typical back and forth of presentation (by local DJ’s, television personalities, music industry insiders) and live performances. But the pace was lively, and the transition between performers was smooth, creating a well put together event.

Without a doubt, the highlights of the night were the great live performances from the different genres of music. You also have to tip your hat to the impressive three trophy grabs for Little Hurricane and Tim Lowman of Low Volts.

Looking back over the night, I couldn’t help but think they may have missed a few awards. So… I decided that I would take the liberty of putting together the first annual SD Rock ‘n’ Roll “Other Awards!” Congrats to all of the winners below!

Best Acceptance Speech
The Penetrators, who received the Country Dick Montana Lifetime Achievement Award, were the kings of the evening’s ball. They received the night’s only much deserved standing ovation for their contribution to the San Diego Music Scene. Lead singer Gary Heffern thanked a handful of the main players throughout the years and ended his acceptance speech by declaring “The streets are still alive and we all thank you from the bottom of our poor, pathetic, little punk-rock hearts. Long may you run.”

Best Line From An Acceptance Speech
Low Volts’ Tim Lowman, while accepting his third award for the night, let this classic line rip: “I’d like to thank all my peers for pressuring me into drugs and alcohol.” Hey, he won three awards! He can say whatever he wants!

Best Jet Lag Shake Off
Little Hurricane, who flew in from their gig at Lollapalooza looking a little dazed, jumped on stage and kicked it into gear rocking out a few songs. They found their groove once they launched into one of their most recent songs “Haunted Heart,” and reminded San Diego why they deserved the three awards they received.

Best Sponsor
Blue Moon Beer–I love me some Blue Moon! And if I’m going to spend 8 bucks for a glass of beer, it better be something good.

Best Abuse of Best Sponsor
The drunken, spiky, sleeveless leather vest guy who jumped on stage during Little Hurricane’s acceptance of the Album of the Year, shouted for a few moments, left the stage and then, a few moments later, was asked to leave after diving into a row of empty chairs.

Best “Stay Calm” While Drunk Guy Did His Thing
Little Hurricane didn’t seemed fazed at all by their special guest helping them accept their award. They let him do his thing, commented that they had just been “Kanye West-ed” and then walked off with another trophy under their arm.

Best Humblest Musician I Met
Though I didn’t get a chance to shake all the winners’ hands and offer up my congrats, I did bump into the Acoustic Artist of the Year winner Colin Clyne. Clyne was more than willing to give me a few moments of his time and his humble and extremely grateful attitude was nice to bump into. A true class act.

Best Non-Rock and Roll Performance
Gilbert Castellanos and Band came out and blew the roof off the roofless Humphreys. The man and his silver trumpet lit up the stage and added some spice to the night with an amazing performance.

Best Performance That Never Happened
Okay, I know that I write about rock and roll, but come on. Why couldn’t there have been a live rap song performed? Rap Awards were given out. Surely one of the artists could have added a little more flavor to the night’s performances.

Best Live Performance
The more-than-deserving winners of The Country Dick Montana Lifetime Achievement Award, The Penetrators, instructed the audience to “get down to the front of the stage” and the masses fell into line. Anyone who didn’t missed out on a face full of what these guys do best- full throttle, no holds barred, straight ahead rock and roll! When the band finished with their anthem “Walk The Beat,” the night was complete.

Best Live Performance Before The Penetrators hit the stage
The Silent Comedy, who won the Best Pop Award, gave the show a stunning two song performance with their high energy, great harmony, some nice interplay on guitars and stage presence that moved the crowd. These guys were the highlight of the early part of the evening.

Congrats to all the SD Rock ‘n’ Roll Other Award winners and to all of the winners of the San Diego Music Awards!

2011 San Diego Music Awards Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award – The Penetrators

Artist of the Year – Switchfoot

Song of the Year – Transfer “Losing Composure”

Album of the Year – Little Hurricane “Homewrecker”

Best Alternative Album – Little Hurricane “Homewrecker”

Best Alternative – Little Hurricane

Best New Artist – Low Volts

Best Americana – Blackout Party

Best Americana Album – The Tree Ring “Generous Shadows”

Best Blues – Lady Dottie & the Diamonds

Best Blues Album – Low Volts “Twist Shake Grind Break”

Best Jazz Album – The Mattson 2 “Feeling Hands”

Best World Music – B-Side Players

Best World Music Album – Todo Mundo “Organic Fire”

Best Hip Hop – Vokab Kompany

Best Hip Hop Album – Blame One “Endurance”

Best Pop – The Silent Comedy

Best Pop Album – Maren Parusel “Artificial Gardens”

Best Rock – Transfer

Best Rock Album – The Donkeys “Born with Stripes”

Best Hard Rock – As I Lay Dying

Best Hard Rock Album – Downspell “The Violent Majority”

Best Local Recording – Writer “Miss Mermaid”

Best Club DJ – Gabe Vega

Best Acoustic – Colin Clyne

Best Electronic – Jamuel Saxon

Best Jazz – In Motion Trio

Best Tribute Band – Cash’d Out

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