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October 9th at Humphreys By The Bay, the San Diego music scene will come together and celebrate the San Diego Music Awards. We rounded up a bunch of the nominees and pitched them a few questions about what this means to them.

Here are the questions–

1. How does it feel/what does it mean to be nominated?

2. Where would you put the trophy if you won?

3. What song, other than something by your band, would you want to be playing if you won?

4. If you could have a victory party, all expense paid anywhere in San Diego, where would you have it?

5. If you had to pick one person from the San Diego music scene to hand you the trophy after winning the award, who would it be and why?

And here are the answers–


Joshua Zimmerman of The Silent Comedy

1. The five nominations this year seem to be more special than the ones we have received in the past. The San Diego Music Foundation has added some new categories that were lacking previously. Some of our nominations (“Best Live Performer”, “Best Music Video”) are in categories that matter to us more than “Best Pop”, which has always been a puzzling category for us. Ultimately, we are always honored for the nominations, and especially honored to win categories that are voted on by the public. We appreciate the support.

2. We have four on the mantle at our headquarters (The Homestead) already, so I hope we don’t win everything we are nominated for this year. We’d have to find a new spot for them.

3. Probably “White Horse” from Transfer. That song is so badass, it would be a great entrance song for any occasion. I would like to be able to enter rooms in slow motion with that song playing… Just in everyday life.

4. We’ve been kicked out of most places we’ve tried to have parties in San Diego. El Dorado would be a great place for a post SDMT victory party. That place has a very special place in my heart.

5. Probably Tim Mays. I don’t think there is anyone in San Diego who has been more important to us over the years.


Drew Douglas of Grampadrew

1. I know these things aren’t supposed to matter and songwriting is definitely not a competitive sport, but I can’t help but feel honored and happy to be recognized by the folks who book and promote music in our town. Honestly, the most sincere emotion I felt was relief that I don’t have to stand around the award ceremony congratulating all my friends and then shrugging with a red face when they ask if I was nominated. Petty, but a sad truth. I think we all know awards have nothing to do with your artistic worth, but to be excluded while all your friends are honored is difficult to take. Believe me. I know.

2 . Honestly, I don’t know. I have a lighted display case in my living room for all my odd travel curiosities but I can’t see replacing any of those things with such a vain display. I would probably store it until I finish my recording studio and display it somewhere in there.

3. Patrick Conway – “Road to Redemption part 2″. A great song by the man behind the entire Tin Can Country Club concept, which has been such a big part of my musical life in the last year. Or “One Little Indian” by the Truckee Brothers. They are sadly defunct, but they came to my very first show when I had barely just met them. I will never forget that as I am fiercely loyal to those that support me. When it came time to record my album there was no question that Christopher Hoffee (aka Cady Truckee) would be the man behind the knobs and faders.

4. On a boat big enough for all my friends, in the middle of San Diego Bay. That way we could celebrate all night without worrying about it getting broken up and when the sun rose we could take to the ocean and watch it from sea. All the other nominees would have easy access to our party since Humphrey’s sits next to a dock. Are you offering to make this happen? Because win or lose I think it should happen. Editor’s note: Let the record show that SD Rock ‘n’ Roll did not offer this to Grampadrew, or any other nominee, though would gladly show up if it was going down!

5. Tim Mays or Tim Pyles. Both these men are synonymous with the local music scene and I can think of no better honor than to have one of them hand me the award. Ideally every musician on the record could share the moment with me.


The Palace Ballroom

1. The nomination is an honor. We want to be sure and let everyone know how much we appreciate all the support that has been shown for our band over the last year. Truly, the response has been overwhelming for us. Being nominated, to us means that we only have to work harder at what we do. The fact that we are being recognized for our music gives all of us validation. If people are really listening then we will keep writing, recording and touring while trying to push our music in new directions.

2. I think it would probably just sit haphazardly at our studio since no one in the band would want to be the one guy who took it home. We all know that if any one of us held on to that award, that guy would be the subject of an endless slew of diva jokes and ego comments. It’s just not worth it.

3. “I gotta get drunk” by Willy Nelson… or the theme from The Love Boat, but just the first line looped endlessly: “Love, Exciting and new……Love, Exciting and new……Love, Exciting and new” I think that would have a serious impact.

4. The Red Fox Room. Free steaks, booze and geriatric Karaoke for all. That is a fucking party.

5. Otis Bartholemew. “O” from the band Octagrape, Fluf and Olivelawn. There is no one to my mind that even comes close to representing the SD scene better than O. If he presented us our award I would give him a hug in front of everybody. Then he would probably call me a quee quee ham smuggler and tell me my band sucks. O is the man.


Dustin Lothspeich of Boy King and Chess Wars

1. It feels nice. I doubt anyone goes about making music for the sole purpose of getting nominated for awards, but from a strictly narcissistic viewpoint – it’s nice to know that someone appreciated the music we’ve worked on enough to nominate us. That’s cool.

2. I literally have nowhere to put another thing in my tiny place. I’d probably give it to my mom.

3. “We Are the Champions” by Queen, just because people would roll their eyes so hard they’d break off in the back of their heads.

4. There’s a ton of rad places in town, to be sure. But I’d choose Soda Bar. It’s right next to my house so I could walk home after getting hella Street Fighter-wasted.

5. Tim Pyles because that dude is just too good looking to not have on stage as much as possible. He’s a handsome devil, that one.


Family Wagon

1. We’re honored. It’s a friendly reminder that people are paying attention to what we’re doing and that we should keep at it.

2. Next to the others?

3. This Land Is Your Land.

4. Old Townhouse Diner or Bang! Bang!

5. Gilbert Castellanos. He’s a true veteran and a players’ player. We have a lot of respect for him.


Monteray of Dirty Sirens

1) We’re all super stoked to be nominated. We’ve only been performing publicly for a year and to be mentioned for Best Rock Album and Best Hard Rock album is incredibly flattering, especially considering our competition. We never thought that our debut EP would be so well received, let alone named as one of the best of the year! I guess it means that all our hard work paid off, and we’re humbled to know that our music resonates with our fans.

2) I don’t know where i would display the award! Probably somewhere that’s constantly visible so that I know that we’ve set the bar high for ourselves and that there’s no option but to be even better in the following year… maybe even get a shot at getting our trophy a buddy at the 2014 awards!

3) The opening riff to “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson. Just because you can’t hear that riff and NOT strut. It’s good entrance music… and I can’t guarantee that I could contain my excitement if we won and I’m gonna need a good groove to do my happy dance to.

4) El Dorado! And we’d definitely ask some of our favorite local bands to play our victory party. We’ve played there a few times in the past and between the atmosphere and the fact that they have some kick-ass cocktails, I know that we’d have a great night celebrating our (hopeful!) win.

5) I’d have to hand the trophy off to Christopher Hoffe, who recorded our album in his bad-ass house in Escondido. If it wasn’t for his input and his awesome skills our record wouldn’t sound the way it does! He was incredibly supportive and his skills as a producer and as a fellow musician contributed in ways I can’t even enumerate to our success.


The Paragraphs

1) It feels great to be recognized by our peers and the San Diego Music Foundation with the nomination for “Best Rock Album”.  We worked very hard to get where we are, where ever that is.

2) If in the long chance we do win, we would probably rotate the award between our local watering holes- 1st st Bar in Encinitas and Village Pub in Carlsbad… It would be a win for all of our friends and family that have continued to support us through the thick and thin.

3) “Triumph” by Wu Tang

4) An all expense paid victory party at The Casbah with Schitzophonics and Gloomsday playing their incredible tunes would be purrrfect. Also, and this is VERY important- all who attend would have to dress in drag with us for the evening.

5) Ian Taylor from Furious IV/ Unsound/ Mondo Generator would be our first choice, but that is one busy man. If he wasn’t available-another busy man-Corey Stire from Mrs. Magician/Cults/Soda Bar fame would be fucking rad. We have 100% respect for both those dudes.

San Diego Music Awards



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