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I never would have thought that a non-music industry speaker would be the highlight of the first day of the San Diego Music Thing. I even chuckled when MP3 founder Michael Robertson started talking; I felt like I was at a motivational speaking conference. He doesn’t look rock and roll, he doesn’t dress rock and roll, and he doesn’t carry the ego (that was prevalent at some of the other panels) of someone in the biz. But once he started getting into his story, he definitely had the swagger of a rocker. If you don’t know his story, Google him and check it out. Bottom line, this guy was boo-ed, laughed at and basically shunned by every major label when he brought MP3 to them in the 80′s. His vision and never-say-die attitude is impressive along with the endless amount of brilliant ideas that he comes up with.

I also attended a panel on the question, “Do bands really need a manager?” which shared some unique perspectives from the four panelists Bruce Flohr, Mark Gorlick, Matt Phillips,and Pete Galli. Any up and coming band could have benefited from the suggestions being made. Good advice about branding and the guidance of what a manager can do for one’s career.

Next up was the Marketing, Promoting and Publicizing your band panel. Unfortunately, it didn’t have a designated moderator so panelist Allison Shaw stepped forward and did her best to fill in and steer the conversation. Unfortunately, it still lacked direction and managed to wander all over the place.

I suggest getting there early; the sign-in process is indeed a process and could lead to long lines come Saturday when the crowd is sure to swell. Also, parking was a challenge, but I got lucky and scored a spot two blocks away next to the Live Wire Bar.

Overall, this was a good informative time and one of the best parts of staging the event at the historic Lafayette Hotel is that it is connected to the Red Fox Room. Sure, there was the sunny-by-the-pool bar, but I opted for the swank, dark, old school lounge to wrap up my day. Walking out of the Red Fox Room on my way to dinner, I heard some mean slide guitar coming from the pool area, so I popped my head in and caught a set from Low Volts. Nice way to finish off the day and get ready for an evening of great music in North Park.

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  1. Sherrill Sexton
    September 27, 2011 | 5:52 pm

    Love the article on Allegra. Truly an inspirational young lady who doesn’t know the word no.

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