San Diego Music Thing – Day 2 Recap









I headed back for another round of panels Saturday at the San Diego Music Thing. Started the day with “How To Develop A Coordinated Social Media Plan Without Spending A Bundle.” It sounded like something I could benefit from, and after the hour plus panel was over, I was glad I dragged myself out of bed early to catch it. I wouldn’t say I am on top of all of the latest social media stuff, so it was nice to be able to get some tips that could help grow SD Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Next up was “Music And The Media: Where Do Traditional Music Outlets Place In Today’s Music World,” which was probably one of my favorite panels of the weekend, not because of the content, (I learned more that related to what I do at other panels), but because of the talented speakers. There was plenty of great conversation between panelist George Varga of the Union Tribune (definitely my favorite local rock critic), Chris Ziegler of LA Record, Haley Jones of KPRi, Garrett Capone of 91X, and Wendy Brynford-Jones of Hello Wendy PR. A lot of intelligent back and forth about radio’s place in the market and why everybody thinks radio is dead. It was a good balance of opinion from varied ends of the spectrum of the music industry. You had two of San Diego’s most influential radio stations, 91X and KPRi, who have major backing and clout, and then a more grass roots Chris Ziegler who publishes LA Record, a Los Angeles Independent Music Magazine. And then you had George Varga’s experience to put everything in perspective. He offered some interesting insight into how he balances interviewing artists who might not play the kind of music he enjoys but that the Union Tribute needs to feature. I admire his focus on being able to engage his readers with informative content.

Two days of panels hosted at the Lafayette Hotel turned out to be well worth the price of admission. Though at times a bit disorganized, the depth of talent there speaking on a variety of topics made up for anything that could easily be fixed within next year’s San Diego Music Thing.

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