Dead Squirrels clutching beer bottles, 50 Cent, Soul Boulder smoothies, food trucks, mind blowing mushrooms and Rick Springfield are just a few sites and sounds local San Diegans experienced at this year’s SXSW. Now that everyone has recovered from their trips, we rounded up a few locals who made the yearly pilgrimage and asked them five questions about their March jaunt to Austin, Texas.

The Questions:

1. Describe SXSW in one word.

2. If you only had $20 to spend in Austin, what would it be on?

3. Best thing you overheard someone saying

4. Best Band or Musician you heard

5. One thing you never thought you would see at SXSW – but did


Steve Poltz

1. Cacophony

2. A large Soul Boulder smoothie at Juiceland. They’re 15 bucks. I’d also have a two ounce shot of their noni to fear. Life force nectar of The Gods.

3. “I’m the only member of our family that hasn’t been to prison.”

4. A band from San Diego called Octa#grape. I’d never heard of them till I got here to SXSW. Kind of ironic.

5. I attended a SXSW panel called “Talkin baseball, peanuts, crackerjacks and guitars.” It had Steve Earle, Mike Mills from REM, and Dan Bern and a couple other people. It was so much fun.


Tim Lowman of Low Volts

1. Electrimegaballofgloriousmojoboostingmagicness

2. Two Torchy’s Tacos, a Lone Star tall can, a pack of guitar strings and a fresh pair of socks.

3. “You HAVE to stick around for Reignwolf! He blew my mind on mushrooms last year!!”

4. Reignwolf, Reignwolf, and Reignwolf.

5. A dead squirrel clutching a Fireman’s Four beer bottle.


Meryl Klemow – Marketing at The Belly Up

1. interactive

2. I would donate it to the man that was just a torso, and was in the middle of the hot street. his dog looked hungry.

3. Try our company – you don’t need ANY talent to make a song these days!

4. Soulhat. Austin dudes – super nice guys.

5. 50 Cent


Hills Like Elephants

1. Mania

2. We would probably end up spending it on amazing bbq since most of the beer we got was free!!

3. Best thing was someone saying if someone pours another beer on my head im gonna freak out

4. Best band was a toss up between Alt J and Divine Fits

5. We kind of saw Kenny Loggins playing “Danger Zone” when we were walking by stubs


Drew Douglas of Grampadrew

1. Overwhelming.

2. Ear plugs and food trucks. The food truck culture in Austin is probably the greatest thing about the ridiculous growth that town has seen in recent years.

3. Q: “Is that camera vintage?”
A: “Yes. It’s really vintage. Really REALLY vintage. Like from the seventies!”

4. Ume – A band from Austin with a female lead singer/guitarist who is a rock god. Clearly born to front a kick-ass rock & roll band. Ray Wylie Hubbard – An incredible songwriter who puts on a superb show.

5. Police responding to a noise complaint on the East side. A friend has held a barn party for 5 years with live bands. The parties always get ridiculous, but with the whole town cranked to 11, nobody ever cared. But this year the police showed up about 10 pm while an acoustic band was playing and shut down the music before it had really started. Everything was moved inside and the party went on, but that may be the final nail in the coffin for SXSW. This was my 13th year and I have loved every year. But corporations and the spring break crowd have truly taken over. You can still have a blast at SXSW, but it takes more navigation every year to find the heart of it. Many of the best venues are leaving downtown and the locals are fleeing and I am ready to follow. I sure love Austin but it may be time to hit it up at a different time of year.


Brian Holwerda of Blackout Party

1. “Naptime”

2. Coffee, breakfast taco, lonestar, tequila, in that order

3. My buddy Kenny as he was handing me a pellet gun: “Brian, you crazy bastard, shoot out this streetlight.”

4. Eagles of Death Metal

5. a bunch of awesome hip-hop, we actually opened for Big KRIT and Bun-B from UGK! very random but a major highlight for me since I’m a huge hip hop fan.


The Hollerin

1. Supercalifragalisticexpialadosious

2. Po Boy, Lone Star tall boy and a shot of whiskey

3. “we pushed back the other band interviews, cause I mean really… come on it’s f@#%ing Rick Springfield.

4. Well we saw a lot of awesome bands out there, and it would be seriously hard to say just one. But I will say that a band that really impressed us that we played with was a band from Fullerton, California called Robert Jon and The Wreck.

5. We walked right though a flash mob the first night which was pretty cool to see. That and Snoop Dogg/Lion in an old ice house covering a House of Pain song.

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