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Rock ‘n’ Roll Legends Bob Dylan and The Who Head to San Diego


Refusing the “farewell tour chatter,” both shows are bringing rock royalty to town for the first time in years. Could this be the last chance to see them perform in the area?

Dylan Proves Talent Trumps Age

BoB live

Dylan proves talent trumps age at the Orange County Fair. Like an aging blues man uninterested in retirement and existing only for the opportunity to play his songs, Bob Dylan at 70 is still challenging himself live. One of rock’s greatest chameleons, Dylan has morphed into an improvising interpreter of all the different sides of himself.

Dylan Turns 70 – My Life With Bob Dylan


It was 1979 and I was riding with my stepfather, oblivious to the fact that my life was about to change forever. With the top down in his new cherry red Corvette, he reached over and popped an 8-track into the deck. Out of the speakers came the strangest voice I had ever heard, so strange that I started laughing.

Suze Rotolo: 1943 – 2011

Suze Rotolo

Suze Rotolo, unknown to most, though immortalized on the cover of Bob Dylan’s Freewheelin’ album, might have played one of the most significant parts in the history of rock and roll. Living in New York city in the early 60’s, Rotolo met and befriended a young man from Minnesota named Robert Zimmerman. Zimmerman was in town with his guitar, harmonica, and the new alias of Bob Dylan.

Dylan, Springsteen, Petty Release Massive Re-Issues


Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Petty dig deep into their archives and unveil monumental re-issues of some of their most classic recordings.

Jerry Garcia – Remembering the Legend 15 Years Later

Jerry Garcia

Jerry was 53 when he passed with so much more life left in him. So many more songs. So many more solos. It has been a long, strange, silent 15 year trip without him but he has left us forever Grateful.

MOJO Magazine Turns 200 with Guest Editor Tom Waits

Tom Waits

MOJO Magazine has delivered the best heaping serving of music and art goodness for 17 years, 200 issues. This UK based magazine combines classic rock tales and reviews with eclectic takes on music and the arts, featuring some of the best writers in the genre. So, when they were looking around to make a big splash to celebrate their 200th issue, who did they choose to be the guest editor? None other than Tom Waits!

You Tube of the Week – The White Stripes


You Tube is a great treasure trove of rock and roll nuggets, check out this week’s find.

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