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FREE TICKETS – Trixie Whitley LIVE at The Belly Up!!!

Trixie Whitley

Trixie Whitley is one of the most unique talents to come along in the last few years. Not only is she renowned singer-songwriter Chris Whitley’s daughter, she was also the lead singer of Black Dub, super-producer Daniel Lanois’ (U2, Bob Dylan) project, where her voice, passion, and presence completely blew people away. And we’re giving away 2 FREE TICKETS to see her up close and personal.

Daniel Lanois – Artist & Producer Extraordinaire


Daniel Lanois, artist and producer extraordinaire, is a lover of sound. Looking back over the last 30 years, it’s hard to find another producer who has left his imprint so profoundly on so many artists.The list of his accomplishments are long: Bob Dylan, Neil Young, U2, Willie Nelson, Peter Gabriel, The Neville Brothers, Emmy Lou Harris, Robbie Robertson, Chris Whitley, and Rocco Deluca create a list of super talent unparalleled when looked at as a whole. Taking that list and ranking Lanois’ Top 5 produced records wasn’t easy.

Got 40 minutes? Spend it with Neil Young

Neil You Live

Neil Young brings the noise on his new collaboration with Daniel Lanois. Recorded on 3 consecutive full moons (the only time Neil will record because of the vibe he gets during this time), “Le Noise” is a sonic blend of Neil’s guitar and vocal.

Neil Young Readys Tour and New Album

Neil Young … is it live or is it Pono?

Neil Young’s 2010 Twisted Road Tour and new album news.

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