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Patrick Carney

The 19 paintings in Patrick Carney’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven series evoke the true spirit of the musicians, capturing their unforgettable personalities and all that they embodied throughout their careers. Nineteen memorable, colorful, emotional moments, that when presented together, make for a series not to be missed.

Suze Rotolo: 1943 – 2011

Suze Rotolo

Suze Rotolo, unknown to most, though immortalized on the cover of Bob Dylan’s Freewheelin’ album, might have played one of the most significant parts in the history of rock and roll. Living in New York city in the early 60’s, Rotolo met and befriended a young man from Minnesota named Robert Zimmerman. Zimmerman was in town with his guitar, harmonica, and the new alias of Bob Dylan.

John Lennon Says


John Lennon had a lot to say. His lyrics were frank and honest and gave us an insight into the strengths and frailties of this musical genius. These are but a few of the more obscure, but still very poignant, quotes from John Lennon.

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