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Music is a healer. Not only can it turn around a bad day, it also has the ability to go deeper, eliciting a powerful therapeutic effect on the spirit, mind, and even body. Those of us who love music know what a difference it makes in every area of life. But our friend Paul Cannon is so passionate about this feeling that he’s taken it to the next level. His My Tribe movement is not just about the music he makes and what it means to him; it’s about global good vibes and a passion to bring peace and positivity to the masses.


Local Brews, Local Grooves

Two stages and fourteen bands in a 20 minute set rotation–it was kind of like rock and roll speed dating Friday night at the Listen Local SD event at the House of Blues. If you weren’t into the featured band’s sound, you only had to hold out a little while longer to be presented with a new flavor. With KPRi’s Cathryn Beeks keeping the night’s tight schedule on track through PA shout outs of band introductions and changes, the crowd was corralled like a joyous herd of cattle from room to room and band to band.


Madison 102.1

Since 1996, 102.1FM KPRi has staked its claim as “the” TRUE independent radio station of San Diego. Madison Keith, the station’s morning DJ, has long anchored KPRi’s message and personifies the commitment to its independent spirit. With the likeability and easy-going nature of a long-time friend, Madison has built a community around music and his desire to give back.

World Party Returns to San Diego at KPRI Private Listener Party

The Griffin

Why have I waited so long to get down to The Griffin and see a show? Especially since, over the last year, they’ve really been flexing their booking muscles, bringing in national artists and some of San Diego’s finest talent? The thousand excuses are irrelevant. I finally made it down for KPRi’s Private Listener party featuring World Party. Sure didn’t hurt that sitting in the parking lot was the Green Truck–the traveling, all organic, solar powered eatery! Not only did I get a broccoli grilled goat cheese pre-show meal, The Griffin allows you to bring the healthy goodness into the club. Nice touch.

Ready For Some Christmas Music? Three Great Holiday Concerts Announced

94.9 Holiday Header

Sick of hearing Christmas music in stores already? Sick of the Christmas decorations that have been up in stores since the first week of October? How about a round of three great Holiday concerts instead?

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