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Suze Rotolo: 1943 – 2011

Suze Rotolo

Suze Rotolo, unknown to most, though immortalized on the cover of Bob Dylan’s Freewheelin’ album, might have played one of the most significant parts in the history of rock and roll. Living in New York city in the early 60’s, Rotolo met and befriended a young man from Minnesota named Robert Zimmerman. Zimmerman was in town with his guitar, harmonica, and the new alias of Bob Dylan.

Top 5 Solo Careers


The rock and roll ego can be large. Sometimes the pull from the record company to do a solo record and the stacks of cash being thrown at an artist can be enticing. Or in some cases, you just can’t stand the sight of the other band members anymore. Here’s a look at the top five most successful solo careers of artists who branched out on their own and in some cases, became even more famous than their former group.The criteria for this top 5 is as follows: Quantity and quality of material is first and foremost, followed by overall sales.

Ringo Starr Turns 70


Today, in New York City, Ringo Starr turned 70. A few years ago, Ringo was asked what he wanted for his birthday, and he answered “peace and love.” Since then, every year in Time Square, Ringo throws a Peace and Love celebration encouraging people across the world to shout out “peace and love” at high noon.

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