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Robert Plant at The Copley Symphony Hall – Concert Review

RObert Plant Band Of Joy (356x500)

No matter the material he was working with throughout the set, Plant seemed comfortable with a less-is-more approach. Though at times he pushed the vocal boundaries, never did he over step or over do it vocally. Opening the show with a slow walk-through of “Black Dog,” Plant established the theme of the night. Yes, he was going to play Zeppelin material but, he was going to deliver it like you have never heard it before.

T Bone Burnett – Artist & Producer Extraordinaire


T Bone Burnett has been subtly putting his touch on records for over 30 years. With humble beginnings playing in bands, his most famous juncture was his time spent with Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue. But what has set him apart from the rest are his production efforts over the years. T Bone-produced records are some of the finest works in a long list of artists careers. Here’s a top 5 of my most favorite produced T Bone Burnett projects.

You Tube of the Week – Robert Plant


You tube is a great treasure trove of rock and roll nuggets. I love trolling through the sight searching for something to rock. Here’s this week’s find: Robert Plant and Strange Sensation.

Top 5 Led Zeppelin Blues Songs


Led Zeppelin came blasting out of England with a sound never before heard. The combination of the talents of the four members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham were seeped in the blues. As they grew together as a unit, the blues could be heard through the many different styles they explored in their career. Check out the Top 5 numbers from one of rock’s greatest bands.

Robert Plant and his Band of Joy

RObert Plant Band Of Joy (356x500)

Before Led Zeppelin took flight, Robert Plant played in a small band called The Band of Joy. Now, forty years later, he has re-kindled his fondness for American roots music and named his new band after his first.

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