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SD Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Top 5 Interviews of the Last Two Years


To commemorate SD Rock ‘n’ Roll’s two year anniversary at the end of April, we have pulled together our top 5 fan favorite interviews. The last two years have brought us entertaining answers from the mind of Steve Poltz, to Patrick Carney’s career introspective. We get a glimpse inside of one of San Diego’s most prolific recording studios with producer Mike Butler, and 2 local musicians Tim Lowman and Roy Ruiz Clayton discuss their craft.

SD Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Top 5 Records of 2011


SD Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Top 5 Records of 2011

SD Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Top 5 Songs of 2011


SD Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Top 5 Songs of 2011

Roy Ruiz Clayton has an Army of Ragged Angels On His Side

Roy Ruiz

One of the first things Roy Ruiz Clayton said to me when I sat down to interview him was “songwriters only have a minute number of really good songs in them.” His new album New Army of Ragged Angels is a testament to that belief. Not that I don’t think Roy is capable of creating more lyrically driven gems, but the 8 songs that make up the album leave nothing behind. Each one of the songs is a fully fleshed out story driven by his ability to twist a mean tale. So why did he wait so long into his career to record a full length record?

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