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Singing from the top of his lungs, “I will give you all I have,” Drew Douglas opens the Grampadrew album Cut From the Cloth with a bold declaration. And for the next 13 songs, he manages to follow through on this decree by presenting a personal journey through a landscape that is not only easy and accessible to follow, but one that entertains on many levels.

SD Music Scene’s 2011 Highlights and 2012 Resolutions

10 NewYearsResolution

Without a doubt, 2011 was the best year so far at SD Rock ‘n’ Roll. So many great shows came through the San Diego area and I was blessed to be able to see a bunch of them. It would be hard to name my favorite rock and roll moment for 2011, so I asked the people who make up this wide-ranging music scene to help me out with two questions:

1.) What was your favorite rock and roll moment from 2011?
2.) What is your New Year’s resolution for 2012? The resolution can be personal, revolve around your music, or both.

The Belly Up’s Meryl Klemow asks us to Band Together

Band Together

Meryl Klemow of the Belly Up is passionate about music. Follow her witty Facebook posts or watch her staff pick videos and you’ll easily be sold. So, when she asked me to come down to the Belly Up last Friday to tell me about Banding Together, I knew that it was something that really meant something to her. Banding Together is a local organization that gives music therapy scholarships, instruments, and mentorship with local musicians to eligible kids with special needs like autism and Down syndrome. How could I say no to that?

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