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Bono Turns 51


This week Bono turned 51. His words have served as the anchor to some of the best music in the last 20 years. As the mouth piece for U2, he has become the focal point lightning rod for topics that transcend rock and roll.

2011 Rock and Roll Tours Not Coming To San Diego

san diego postcard

San Diego is a great place for rock and roll shows. We have Humphreys by the Bay, the Casbah, House of Blues, 4th and B,Cricket Wireless, the casinos, and of course, the crown jewel of the scene: The Belly Up Tavern. But sometimes, the big acts don’t make it down to America’s finest city. Here’s a look at the top 5 acts out on the road that will not be coming to San Diego this year and the ideal venue for them to play if they were.

Top 5 Famous First Songs from Debut Albums


This is your first chance to announce your presence to the rock world. It’s your first album fresh off the new record contract. Time to impress.

Bono and U2 Ready to Get Back On The Road


Looks like Bono and the boys from U2 are ready to get back on the road after halting their 360 Degree Tour.

U2 – Top 5 Coast Jams

u2-Car Jams

Roll down the window, ease that seat back, and crank the knob… it’s coast jam time with U2!

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