The Family Wagon at The Casbah – Concert Review

Even though The Family Wagon wasn’t headlining the show Friday night at the Casbah, it didn’t stop them from playing like they were.  This is a band that, when seen live, leaves you with no doubt in your mind that they’ve given you everything they’ve got. Lead singer Calen Lucas, the whirling dervish lead singer, stretched his vocals from hell and back throughout the night. His hair-flinging and in-your-face vocals lead the charge as the band crushed through a set list full of blues/rock numbers. Bass player Gareth Moore’s lines were so thick it sounded like a dinosaur was walking on the roof. Throw in the machine gun staccato from guitar player Ryan Weiss and you got yourself a hell (that’s two hell’s in one review–an SD Rock ‘n’ Roll first!) of a noise.  Straight ahead rock and roll is their forte with absolutely no fluff or filler. This five piece band just puts their heads down and rocks! The Family Wagon is a boiling ball of sound that took the Casbah crowd by the throat and squeezed a roaring ovation out of them. The energy they put into their last song of the night was enough to kill most bands. Keep an eye out for this band live, because when the Family Wagon rolls through your town they’re not stopping at any red lights.

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