The Heavy Guilt – San Diego Music Award Nominee

San Diego Music Awards 2011

The Heavy Guilt’s In The Blood has been nominated at the San Diego Music Awards for this year’s Best Alternative Album. This band has an earthy sound and a strong mix of styles that lean heavily on a blues and rock foundation. They have an intricate combination of well-written, hard-driving songs with an always engaging high energy live show. One of the features of The Heavy Guilt’s live vibe is the percussion adventures of Alfred Howard. Howard plays a wide range of found objects- chains, wooden boxes, bells, and even short wave and circuit bent radio. I got a chance to talk with this lover of avant-garde sounds and rythms (and the main lyricist of the album) about the San Diego Music Award nomination.

Your record In The Blood has been nominated, how do you and the band feel about that?
It is always a good feeling to be recognized for something you’ve done creatively. We put a lot of our souls and energy into that album and we were really proud of the end result. It’s relieving to know that some people listening agree.

What did you enjoy most about making this record?
We had the luxury of time. We made our first album in 4 days, so we were clock watching with an expansive mission. This time we had three weeks. We did a lot of layering and a lot of experimentation. We also had some awesome guests come down and add some sonics, Chris Davies of the Penetrators, Heather & Johnny of Podunk Nowhere and John Mailander. We also went into the session well rehearsed with countless live shows beneath our belt. It is challenging to capture the energy of a live show in the studio context, but I felt like this preparedness helped us to do so.

How long did it take to record the album?
We had three weeks, but we had finished all the main tracking one-week in. The second week we spent doing the fun and experimental stuff.

Where was the album recorded?
Archival Studios, next to the Livewire, we all put on weight at Mama’s Café and El Zarape. We did the acoustic piano stuff over at Transfer’s Whitehorse Studio and it was mixed up north by Timin Murray at Russian River Studios.

What’s the latest on your follow-up record?
We’re gonna take some time to work this one. We’re having our cd release party on July 16th at Device Gallery downtown, it will be an amazing event. There will be a record show, 4 bands (the Black Sands, Low Volts and Gun Runner), an art show, live art and a display of circuit bent instruments. As far as recording goes, I’m currently doing an album with the Black Sands along with some other members of the Guilt.

Will you or any of the other member of The Heavy Guilt be attending the awards?
I think we’ll all be there, we’re all looking forward to the event, a lot of our friends were nominated so it will be a welcome hang.

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