Over the last couple of years, The Silent Comedy has cut a swath across the San Diego concert scene with devastating live shows that have become crowd pleasing raucous revivals. Their hard pounding, boot stomping mix of acoustic folk, blues, and rock creates a high energy hoedown that leaves audience and band joyfully bathed in adrenaline and sweat. Growing not only as a live act but also as a recording unit, their music is starting to reach a much deserved wider audience. So, it’s refreshing to see a band as talented as this partner with the History Channel to cook up a video that compliments them not only visually, but also showcases their songwriting ability, splashing them across TV sets everywhere. How did all of this come together? Joshua Zimmerman from the band filled me in on a few of the details.

Who came up with the concept for the video?

Krista Liney, the Vice President of On-Air Creative for History, came up with the concept for the video. We worked with History on the trailer for the Kevin Costner series Hatfields & McCoys, and she wanted to expand creatively this time around. We shot the video in LA on a day off during a tour in the spring.

What was the experience of working with the History Channel to film the video like for the band?
The experience was wonderful! Videos are always a coin toss because it really depends on the crew. The crew that History put together was really stellar. Everyone did an amazing job, and were also really nice people. We have done several full-scale production videos, and this was the best experience yet.

How did you guys get involved with The Men Who Built America?

As I said before, we worked with History on the Hatfileds & McCoys trailer. We stopped at the A&E offices while we were in New York City and played an acoustic set for them. We ended up really hitting it off with everyone we met and have kept in touch since. When the ads for The Men Who Built America starting getting worked up, they thought of our music and contacted us about it.

Why did you decide to use the song “Blood On The Rails”?

The song that they ended up using, “Blood On The Rails,” only existed in a rough recording. We had laid it down during the tracking of our last record, Common Faults, but ended up not releasing it. We ended up re-recording the song at Lost Ark Studio in San Diego, and having it mixed by Brian Malouf in L.A. Mike Butler at Lost Ark really helped us capture the sound that we were looking for on the track. He helped us explore a lot of sounds that got it closer to what we were hearing in our heads. It was a great experience to be able to record in our home town, and have the track get exposed to the world!

The Silent Comedy wraps up 2012 with their final show of the year November 2nd. The show will be in San Francisco with the Fleet Foxes, so we will have to wait a few more months before San Diego gets to see what the Silent Comedy has cooking for 2013.


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