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Roll down the window, ease that seat back, and crank the knob… it’s coast jams time! Tom Petty and his faithful band, The Heartbreakers, have been an unstoppable hit-making machine over the course of the last 30 years. But, we are not just talking hits, we are talking jams that set off the night or make that long stretch of highway seem golden.

5. “Refugee” from Damn The Torpedoes
The unmistakable opening guitar riff of the Tom Petty classic sets up this tale about “everybody’s fight to be free.” A good pace and a strong tempo leads into a sing-at-the-top-of-the-lungs bridge of “Baby, we ain’t the first, I’m sure a lot of other lovers been burned. Right now this seems real to you, but it’s one of those things you got to feel to be true!”

4. “Running Down A Dream” from Full Moon Fever
Mike Campbell is at it again, opening this song up with a lick that’s meant to be cranked. The drums jump in fast and furious and the tune is off and running. This is a dashboard banger for sure. The crashing crescendo of the guitar solo leaves you breathless and in need of a rest stop for a recharge.

3. “You Wreck Me” from Wildflowers
Another driving gangly guitar number from Wildflowers, this mover spells it out in the first few lines of the song. “Tonight we ride right or wrong. Tonight we sail on a radio song….”  A crazy guitar solo fills the middle of this number and explodes the speakers all the way ‘til the end.

2. “I Need To Know” from You’re Gonna Get It
This kick ass early number coming from his second album is still rockin’ all these years later. Signature Petty vocal over a wall of guitar and thumping drums. Another Campbell solo and another TP classic coast jam!

1. “American Girl” from the debut album Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
An American anthem from the debut album that still rocks like no other. The pumping lead in from Stan Lynch’s drums gives this number a back beat that can’t be stopped. Tom’s signature Rickenbacker guitar and lyric’s that stand the test of time, have held up this jam for over 30 years. “Take it easy baby, make it last all night!”

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