Top 5 Led Zeppelin Blues Songs

Led Zep

Led Zeppelin came blasting out of England with a sound never before heard. The combination of the talents of the four members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham were seeped in the blues. As they grew together as a unit, the blues could be heard through the many different styles they explored in their career. Below are the top 5 blues numbers from one of rock’s greatest bands.

5. Traveling Riverside Blues
Here the boys take a swipe at the Robert Johnson classic “Traveling Riverside Blues.” The song was originally recorded in 1939 by Johnson, one of the fore founders of the blues. Jimmy Page steps out and showcases his slide guitar skills. The song was originally recorded in 1969 but didn’t make its way to the public until years later.

4. In My Time Of Dying
This song was a traditional gospel number that got re-imagined and recorded by artists such as Bob Dylan and John Mellencamp. When Zeppelin recorded it for their Physical Graffiti record in 1975, they put their stamp on it. Loud monstrous drums come crashing down on the opening segment before the song opens up and Jimmy starts working his magic on the guitar.

3. I Can’t Quit You Baby
Can’t get a better pedigree for a blues song than one written by Willie Dixon and first recorded by Otis Rush. When Zeppelin sunk their claws into it on their first record released in 1969, they transformed it into a huge guitar overture. Plant’s early vocals suit this slow blues grind well, but this song belongs to Page, who really made a statement for himself as a accomplished guitar player who was well versed in the blues.

2. You Shook Me
Catch the live version from the BBC Session to really feel the passion of this Zeppelin classic. Robert Plant’s vocals are amazing. He couples his singing with an equally comparable take on the harmonica. The song is another classic Willie Dixon number that features the call and response of Plant’s vocals and Page’s guitar.

1. Since I Been Loving You
By the time Zeppelin got to recording their third record, they were firing on all cylinders. This slow blues burner was an original blues number they cooked up, and it would go on to become a staple of their live shows for years. Plant’s vocals are dripping with passion. Bonham’s drumming is timely and ferocious at times. John Paul Jones’ Hammond Organ serves as a great back drop, and Page takes his guitar playing to a whole new level. The song features a great break after an amazing Page solo halfway through and then sets itself up for Page to really step out and play some of his most captivating, over the top fret work.


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  1. CG
    December 6, 2013 | 12:57 pm

    Good list. Good songs.
    Swap Suggestion:
    2. Tea for one
    3. Black Dog

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