U2 – Top 5 Coast Jams


Roll down the window, ease that seat back, and crank the knob… it’s coast jams time with U2! U2 is the biggest rock band in the world, has been for some time, so their set list is loaded with hits. But, we’re not talking hits here, we’re talking driving beats, sweet licks, and lyrics that have you singing loud and proud behind the wheel.

5. Even Better Than The Real Thing
A pulsing Edge riff starts this song from the Achtung Baby release. The drums build until BANG! The beat is off and running. A strong pulsing beat moves throughout the song leading Bono to beg “take me higher.” The boys respond and the driving number continues till its spiraling finish.

4. Vertigo
Bono counts the song in and the Edge lays down one of his many signature insane licks. The back beat starts pumping and the song from the How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb starts driving hard. Larry Mullins and Adam Clayton hold it down until Bono ends it with rousing cries of “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!”

3. I Will Follow
The first track from the first U2 album Boy is kicked off with the Edge’s guitar, building and building until the song punches you in the face. Larry Mullins’ beat is loud and strong, moving the song along at a great pace. The number comes to a halt three quarters of the way in when Adam Clayton’s bass steps in and lays down a low beat for Bono to call out for “your eyes.” The plea continues as the song escalates back  up to its rocking crescendo.

2. Desire
Bono breathes in and the song begins with the Edge doing his best Bo Diddley beat over Larry Mullins’ pulsing drums. The lyrics are charged and alive keeping the song moving. The break in the middle gives Bono a chance to pine for “money, money, money” before the harmonica comes out and blows until the crashing end.

1. Sunday Blood Sunday
It’s all about Larry Mullins’ drums. The marching beat that kicks off this anti-war anthem sets this song up right, before the Edge drops the melody over the top. Bono’s charged lyrics are heartfelt and sung from a deep place of emotion. This song is always moving live, as Bono usually interjects a plea for peace and an invitation to “wipe your tears away!” It’s an all time U2 classic and a number one coast jam!

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