Who is Revoltaire and Why You Must See Them


I walked into the Belly Up a few months ago with no idea who the opening band for the Lukas Nelson show was. The ticket said Revoltaire? Okay, I was early and could use a drink, so I decided to check it out. I was no more than a foot through the door when this powerful female vocal, who I swear was channeling the ghost of Janis Joplin, slapped me a good one right across the face. I couldn’t see the band yet, but the sound was so powerful, so intense, so full of this unabashed energy that it seemed to pull me like a magnet to the front of the stage. And for the next 40 minutes, I witnessed one of the best sets I saw in 2011. Revoltaire, fronted by the throat-grabbing vocals of Ruby Stewart, the bold wizardry of keyboard/guitarist Jason Yates, and the tight gears of the rhythm section of drummer Chris Cano and bass player Shawn Davis, left me stunned and more than grateful for checking out the opening act.

Needing to learn more about this Los Angeles band, I reached out to lead singer Ruby Stewart who was kind enough to grant me an interview and give me a little insight into what this band is all about.

How would you best describe your music?

If Psych Rock and Grass Roots Blues had a child it would be Revoltaire.

What was the first thing that impressed you about the band when you stated getting together?

What impressed us about each other is the musical intuition and the flexibility of the band to be comfortable improvising live. Every show is one of a kind musically and visually. (And also our good looks).

When someone sees you for the first time live, what do you hope they say about your show?

What just happened?

When I saw your set at the Belly Up last year, I believe you played all original material- how important is that to your band, or do you ever consider covers?

Yes, we have considered covers but they haven’t left Chris’s Garage (where Revoltaire rehearses). We have all original material, so we would rather get our message across and take advantage of the 40 min we have.

Do you have a favorite cover song that you do?

Led Zeppelin Custard Pie

Are you putting together a record of your original material?

We are in the process of writing our second album that is all original material.

Do you have a favorite band that you have headlined for and why? 

Touring with Lukas Nelson has been an amazing first tour for us. We love playing with him.

Do you have any big shows, tours or festivals that you are playing in the coming year?

Mostly playing around Los Angeles and aiming for Europe in the summer.

If you had a dream gig what would it be, where would you play, and who would you have open for you?

Our dream gig would be to play at Glastonbury. All of us are huge Led Zeppelin fans so probably to open for them would be an incredible experience.

When the year 2012 is over what do you hope that Revoltaire has accomplished?

Revoltaire world tour….

Revoltaire will be in town Sunday January 22 at The Belly Up Tavern opening for guitar virtuoso Steve Morse. If you want to see one of the hottest live bands to come through town, don’t miss Revoltaire. And from now on, always respect rule number one: never miss the opening act! Get your tickets here.

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